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The The J&M Foundation has approved grant requests through 2018 and is neither reviewing nor approving any new grant requests.

Criteria for Grants and Application Guidelines

  1. The J&M Foundation only makes grants to organizations that have been determined to be tax-exempt under Section 501 (c )(3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code, and that are not private foundations as defined in Section 509 (a ) of the Code. The Foundation does not make grants to individuals.
  3. The directors take a special interest in programs that provide opportunities for education to persons who might otherwise not have such opportunities. The directors have a particular interest in helping to advance research in the medical field. In addition the directors are interested in the promotion of the arts and humanities and wish to encourage creative thought and academic achievement that advance the human condition.
  5. Initial grant commitments to any organization may be time limited. Generally individual grants will not exceed $25,000 in one year. It is the preference of the directors to make a few substantial grants in any given year rather than a series of small ones. It is also the directors' wish to make grants that invest in people rather than buildings.

    Requirements for Application
  7. The J&M Foundation does not have application forms. Instead, it is suggested that all applicants submit a short letter of inquiry describing their organization and its history, their mission statement, the proposed project with an approximate budget, and how they intend to accomplish it. Applicants whose projects are of interest will be invited to submit a full-scale proposal.
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When an applicant has been invited to send a full-scaleproposal, the following information must be included:
An introduction describing:

  1. The need for the project.
  2. The plan for execution of the project.
  3. The reasons for expectation of success and how success will be measured.
  4. The duration of the project.
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The budget:

  1. Dollar amount requested and total cost of the project in detail.
  2. Funding received to date and list of grantmakers being solicited.
  3. Estimated future costs and funding schedule anticipated over a multiyear period.

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Support materials:

  1. 501 (c )(3 ) documentation.
  2. Names of governing board members with a biographical background.
  3. Complete copy of the form 990-PF for the most recent year available.

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If the application is being considered by the Foundation, a visit to the organization or project site may be arranged. In addition, the Foundation may arrange for applicants to appear in person at a Foundation meeting. Every effort will be made by the Foundation to complete its review and issue a final decision within six months. All grantees will be required to provide narrative and periodic expense reports.

All written communication to the Foundation should be directed to:
The President
The J&M Foundation
P.O. Box 2868
Merrifield, Virginia 22116